Vyncs vs. Bouncie: (Head to Head Comparison)

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Vyncs and Bouncie are both connected car products that offer GPS tracking. In addition to real-time location, these devices provide tons of information about your vehicle, including driver monitoring, performance reporting for various aspects such as fuel or roadside assistance, maintenance reminders, and a whole lot more features! In this guide, I show you the comparison “Vyncs Vs Bouncie.”

Vyncs, at a glance

Vyncs GPS Tracker for Vehicles

Vyncs is a revolutionary new technology that will take your driving experience to the next level. This innovative product has 24/7 GPS data with 4G LTE speeds and lightning-fast response time, making it keep track of all vehicle metrics from anywhere in the world through our Vyncs app on any device! Whether you’re looking at fuel consumption, mileage, or even how many times you’ve been speeding – this tracker offers so much more than just tracking location. All these features come without having Bluetooth enabled (which would drain battery), allowing drivers unlimited connectivity across America while still getting amazing performance out of their car’s engine! The best thing about its patented technology? There’s no chance to worry about patent infringement when using Vyncs. For your safety, Vyncs provides a USPTO 7715961 for one device design.

Bouncie, at a glance  

Bouncie - GPS Car Tracker

Bouncie’s technology helps drivers make better decisions while on the road. The app automatically updates every 15-second to record the vehicle’s location, and all cargo is precious; with accident notification and roadside assistance, both Bouncie users at home can rest assured that their loved ones are safe during a trip – even if they’re not in control of where it goes! With real-time insights for speed, acceleration, hard braking, idle time, among others, when out on any drive (even just around town), there isn’t an easier way to have peace of mind knowing your family will be monitored regardless of which roads you take or how long you stay away from them.

Features of Vyncs

  • Real-time GPS tracking 

Vyncs is a 4G LTE device that offers real-time GPS tracking and ultrafast speeds for ultimate connectivity. It also has an accelerometer to monitor your driving, and no battery is needed, thanks to it being cordless. 

  • Reliable to use

Vyncs have been designing and producing quality timepieces for over 12 years. Their products are made with high-end materials from the USA, including steel cases that make our watches durable enough to resist any damage you might encounter during your active lifestyle. It also offers a patented technology so if another company is infringing on America’s intellectual property. 

  • Patented technology 

Isn’t it a matter of peace knowing you are not infringing on any patents when using Vyncs? Vyncs is powered by patented technology that has been granted two USPTO patents (USPTO 7715961 and 8478514) which means there’s no worry of infringement for users like you.

  • Small-scale device

Vyncs is a small-scale GPS tracker that sends data from the Vyncs device to your account in the cloud over a 4G wireless network. This means you get real-time updates, and it comes with all of your standard bells and whistles.

  • Pricing

Vyncs is an innovative new device that allows people to control their home appliances with a finger tap. It doesn’t require any subscription fees except a Yearly price + $39.99 device activation fee, and it’s compatible with all major brands. Plus, Vyncs comes fully equipped for your convenience.  Vyncs refunds you minus any shipping costs if your product is returned within 30 days of purchase in the same condition as when it was sent to you.

Features of Bouncie 

  • Location & Safety 

Bouncie is a device that automatically records your vehicle’s location and updates every 15-second on the app. Bouncie also offers accident notification, roadside assistance, and real-time insights for better driving decisions while you’re traveling.

  • Real-time driving insights 

Bouncie also unlocks access to real-time driving insights like speed, acceleration, hard braking, etc., which can be used by drivers while navigating around traffic problems or making decisions in an emergency.

  • Monitors your vehicle’s health 

Bouncie is a car-care companion that will take care of the little things, so you don’t have to. He’ll alert you when something needs your attention, and he can even schedule maintenance for you.

  • Smallest device 

Bouncie is a cellular OBD device anywhere and sets itself apart with its smallest & unique design. It’s small on the outside but rich on the inside, offering all of your car diagnostics in one tiny package. The Bouncie also offers various innovative features that set it above other models, including text message notifications for engine light warnings, so you never have to worry about being left stranded again!

  • Pricing

Bouncie is a device that detects driving events and location changes. The Bouncie Device can be purchased for USD 67, or you can sign up for a monthly subscription of only $8 per month.

Comparison between Vyncs Vs Bouncie

Network3G Data Network4G wireless network
UpdateUpdates vehicle’s data every 15-seconds60/30/15 seconds update upgrades available
NotificationAccident & roadside assistanceAll driver & vehicle alerts
Activation FeeNo activation feesOne time activation fee of $39.99

Who is the winner? (Real Inspection)

Vyncs is a state-of-the-art GPS tracker. It sends data to your account in the cloud over 4G wireless networks in real-time, so you never have to worry about having no access again! The best part? A monthly fee won’t hurt your wallet, and it’s also more affordable than other trackers on the market today, which can get as high as $60/month for unlimited usage. Plus, if this isn’t enough information for you—rest assured that all of Vyncs products are safe with us since we offer a free replacement or refund up to 30 days after the purchase date (yes, even when the warranty has expired). Visit Amazon now and see what they’re currently selling!

How did we decide vyncs as a winner?

Vyncs is a company that combines the power of its connected car technology with an award-winning fleet management solution. Vyncs has received many awards such as 2016 Fleet Logistics Tech Outlook Top 10, CIO Review 2015 20 Most Promising Automotive Technology Solution Providers, and 2010 Frost & Sullivan North American Enabling Technology of the Year Award in Commercial Vehicle Telematics. In short, Vyncs is the gadget for all your fleet management needs.


  • What is the best car tracking device with no monthly fee?

Vyncs is the best car tracker with no monthly fee. Buckle up your seat belt for a riveting ride as we explore what Vyncs has in store! With this device, you’ll be able to see where all of your cars have been at any point in time, and there are absolutely zero pesky fees because it comes preprogrammed. What could possibly make an already perfect product even better? The answer might surprise you. The Vync system also includes real-time traffic data that will allow drivers to avoid congestion altogether or know when they should leave their homes if headed away on vacation.

  • Does Vyncs drain car battery?

The Vyncs GPS tracker does not drain a car battery as it draws power from the car’s OBD-II port. It logs its location every hour to your Vyncs account, and can drain your car’s battery if left for too long.

  • How often does bouncie update?

Bouncie, an app for drivers that records every few seconds of driving. The data is automatically transferred to a server and the location updated on the map in real time. You can also pull-to refresh the screen anytime you want to see updates from your phone!

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