How to Start a Car Without a Key (Don’t Fail at Being Yourself)

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The car key is the small metal device that, when inserted into a driver’s lock and turned either clockwise or counter-clockwise, starts most cars. There are many different types of automobile keys: some use an LED light to indicate if it has been successfully programmed; others have buttons on them that will start your engine without any input from you at all (although these can be easily broken). All in all, there are thousands upon millions of potential problems with this simple object ̶ but don’t worry! We’ll show “How to Start a Car Without a Key” throughout this article.

How to Start a Car With a Screwdriver?

  • Step 1

Locate the screws that are holding your steering column in place. You may notice small plastic pieces when you take off any of these parts, so make sure to keep them for later reassembly and put each one back as they were before.

With the screws unscrewed and plastic pieces lifted off, you can now reach your hands into the car to access the ignition switch.

  • Step 2

If the ignition is busted, you’ll have to pop off and unscrew it from that steering column. Be careful, though, because most of them are heavy, so they could fall on your foot if not put down in a safe place first!

  • Step 3

Remove the screws holding together your car’s ignition switch, which houses both electrical and mechanical components.

  • Step 4

With the right tools, you will start your car without having to use a key. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the keyhole and turn it like you would your key. This should loosen up any dirt and may even let enough space for it so that when we apply pressure on both sides of it with our fingers, this could push them out of their sockets which triggers an ignition switch inside!

Summary: With just some basic handy work skills like using a screwdriver or pliers wisely from around the house, anyone can fix common problems they might have had before starting their cars in case there was no other way possible or if someone needed help quickly because they were stranded far away from home.

Can We Start and Drive the Car Without the Key

Can We Start and Drive the Car Without the Key?

Answer (1):

With a few simple steps, you can start your car without a key or fob. Remember that jumper cables are not just for jump-starting engines! Simply take one end of the wire and attach it to any common hot terminal (“T” wire on the ignition switch), then touch both ends together by attaching them to either side of where the key touches.

Answer (2):

Hotwiring your car is as easy, and you think. It all depends on the type of vehicle, but for a 1964 Mustang, it’s just about ripping out wires and closing connections to bypass security measures like an ignition lock.

Answer (3):

Your car almost certainly has an immobilizer. This means the engine will not start unless a specific key, or some clever copy, is near your vehicle’s ignition system, and while you can move the barrel with a screwdriver and turn on the keys without it being in place; this won’t be enough for turning off your steering wheel lock as well. If there are any problems with the barrel that keeps those two things connected, then disconnecting it physically from its connection points but still leaving them electronically attached should do what needs doing – put one of these specialized copies into position so that starting up becomes possible once more!

Let’s hope you haven’t lost your keys! If not, replacing them could cost as much as $300 or more.

Answer (4):

It is impossible to hotwire a car without the key, but if you know your way around cars and want to risk it anyway, be ready for some hard work. You would need to break out the entire steering wheel lock as well as bypassing factory or aftermarket ignition systems while also jumping over fuel cut wires which could make starting up difficult depending on where your fuel pump relay is located in order for this process of hotwiring a car with no keys happen successfully.

Answer (5):

You’ll be able to get your vehicle back on the road in no time. All you need is access to the lock, and a locksmith with appropriate equipment will have it done for you within 15 minutes or more, depending on what type of keyhole cover it has.

How to Start a Car Without a Key? Based on Types of Car Key

Car keys have a long and winding history, from the birth of automobiles to their most recent advancements. They’ve changed over time as cars evolved into more secure vehicles with new designs – going from one keyhole for multiple purposes (if you can believe that!) to locksmith-grade security systems on our steering wheels.

Traditional Key:

The traditional key is often given to drivers as a souvenir. It usually has the shape of an animal with no encoding or security encryption, making it easy for other people to duplicate and steal the keys from your car!

Remote-Controlled Traditional Key:

In the past, for a long time, people had to get in their cars and unlock them by hand. But then there were problems like forgetting keys or being locked out of your car! A new way was developed just to use the remote control from any location to open doors without worrying about these issues. These remotes work because they send infrared signals that can disable an alarm system if it’s on, so nobody has access but you when using this method!

How to Start a Keyless Car without the Key?

For a time, keyless cars were the luxury of the few. But now they’re everywhere, and you may find yourself in need of starting one without your smart keys. Let’s learn how to do that today!

Unlock the Door:

Universal Car Door Opener Kit

You could be stuck outside. You try holding your smart key and make it touch the door handle, but this doesn’t seem to work for you on a cold winter night like tonight. Luckily there is still hope! Every smart-key has its mechanical emergency key in case of emergencies such as these – so get that out from inside the vehicle compartment or under one of those seats and turn around any lock handle with ease, then open up all doors right away!

Use a Dead Battery Smart Key for Car Start:

Dead Battery Smart Key for Car Start

Smart keys are the future of automotive locks, and they’re here to stay. Immobilizers can’t detect key fobs with passive RF chips because their batteries have long run out or broken. To start your car in an emergency, simply put one near any exposed metal button on the vehicle’s dashboard when you want to get going again!

How to Fix the Car Key Problems

How to Fix the Car Key Problems

How to fix the car key remote?

The thought of being stranded in a parking lot, unable to get into your car, is enough to put fear and anxiety into anyone’s heart. But there are ways around it! Find yourself in the unfortunate situation where your battery has died but has some form of an emergency phone charger or even an external USB power bank that plugs into your key slot. Reading the solution below might be helpful.


It is important to make sure that when you replace the battery in your car key, it has a size that matches that of its old counterpart. This will allow for seamless operation and ensure safety while driving.

You can check out our article covering Remote Starter Installation Cost to learn more.

Damaged Car Key Transmitter:

The car key isn’t just a glorified piece of metal. It is an important part of the communication between your vehicle and you. The wireless protocol used by keys to talk with cars can be damaged, which will render it useless as your ignition switch won’t work without that specific signal from the transmitter. This would leave any driver stranded until they get help or manage to find another way into their car!


If your car key breaks, visit the nearest mechanic or dealership to get it fixed ASAP

Lost Programming:

The sensitive information on the key fob is encrypted using a complex system that can be broken if an individual knows certain buttons to press. This creates an intricate code of specific button sequences, which may take months or years for someone without proper training to crack, but this security measure would fall in seconds with simple access and time.  If the programming gets lost, it will be a long time until you get to drive again.


Getting a key programmed into your car’s central lock system is easy! All you need to do is take it straight down to any specialized garage or dealership. There, they will use advanced machines and techniques in order for the process to be done quickly.

Steering Wheel Lock:

When you try to turn the steering wheel, it won’t budge. You can hear a clicking sound when using your key and trying to push downwards on one side of the ignition cylinder. The mechanics behind this is that turning in either direction locks up, so you need to use two hands: One hand pushes down while another turns clockwise or counterclockwise until they meet at 12 o’clock (or 3 o’clock if I’m going anti-counter). What if you can’t move the key into the ignition cylinder?


As I began to turn the steering wheel back and forth, it became increasingly difficult. With a final tug of effort, my car roared over with life!

Worn Key/Ignition Cylinder:

The ignition cylinder/key starts to wear, and over time, with so many key turnings, the metal eventually fatigues. This can lead to difficulty turning the key in your car’s door handle or starting a vehicle engine.


You’re in luck! The best solution for this problem is to get a new keyset. This set should include all the locks you need and will even keep your family’s belongings safe from theft as well.


The most important thing about having a car is that it starts on the first try. When your key doesn’t work, you feel like all hope has been lost, and there’s nothing left to do but call “Triple A” or just give up completely. Maybe I should have invested in an extra set of keys before this happened?

You have to think more seriously about “HOW TO START A CAR WITHOUT A KEY.” You’re given great information because they’re doing me any good if they don’t meet your requirements, please call a local expert to fix it!

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