7 Common Remote Starter Problems and How to Solve Them

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The remote starter is a life saver in the winter months, when you just want to start your car and get on with your day. But what happens when it doesn’t work? Thankfully, there are some simple troubleshooting steps that can help you find out the problem and fix it. For example, if your key fob isn’t working but everything else does, then chances are the battery is dead- check this by testing a few times with new batteries. If nothing else works, then call an expert for more advice! Our content covers quick solutions to your problem. Please get into our content “Remote Starter Problems And How To Solve Them.”

7 Reasons Your Remote Start Is Not Working That We Discussed…

  • Issues With “Hood Pin Switches”
  • Weak or Dead Batteries
  • Not Using Remote Starters for Long
  • Bad Module Reprogramming
  • Valet Mode
  • the Remote Starter Switch Turned off
  • Too Many Start Attempts

Common Remote Starter Issues & Solutions

1. Issues with “Hood Pin Switches”

Hood Pin Switches

Remote starters are a lifesaver for those of us who have to work outside in the cold. The single biggest thing that can cause them not to engage is a missing or faulty hood switch, which prevents your vehicle from accidentally starting when someone is working on it and gets injured by an engine start-up.

You can attach these sensors (the ones for when something is dangling) onto either side- drivers’ or passenger’s sides -of your vehicle where air intake pipes are located. If nothing seems wrong with what you see in terms of placement, don’t panic; we recommend using whichever factory-installed version gets lost first because replacement switches usually cost less money.

2. Weak Batteries Can Cause Issues With the Remote Starter

Weak Batteries Can Cause Issues With the Remote Starter

We live in a technological world. Everywhere we go, everything is controlled by remote control, and technology rules our lives as it does the peoples of other worlds like Star Trek or Avatar. We’re talking about your remotes for cars- you name it!

Weakness or Death of the remote control batteries can cause remote-starter issues. So what makes these batteries die so quickly? Is there something wrong with them that prevents long battery life spans from existing? Well, luckily, this isn’t true at all; they are no different than any typical AA type from your local store (batteries being one of those things everyone has). Warning! You must check the remote starter out for you. Replace its battery if needed, or risk being late to work every day from now on…

3. Not Using Remote Starters for Months

You might be wondering why you haven’t used your remote starter for the past few months. If so, then you may have forgotten how to use this feature on your car! Every fall, please check your system and make sure it’s running correctly – who knows when next winter will come around?

4. Bad Module Reprogramming

Today’s vehicles are so advanced that they can be controlled almost exclusively by the vehicle’s computer. This means that your remote starter probably uses a data module to communicate with the vehicle computer’s native language because it gets programmed and explicitly installed according to what type of car it will go into. Sometimes though, if these modules lose their programming data or something goes wrong during the installation process, the engine won’t start!

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5. Valet Mode Activated?

Some remote starter manufacturers include a safety feature called valet mode. Valet mode typically leaves the keyless entry capability intact. Still, it will disable your ability to start or unlock your car for 10 minutes at a time when you use the remote starting function. If this has happened and you want to lock or unlock using keys instead of through an app on your phone, watch out for flashing parking lights that would indicate if there is someone near who may be able to help!

6. Have Your Remote Starter Switch Turned Off?

Remote Starter Switch

Some remote starters come with a switch to temporarily disable the starter. It is often located in an inconvenient position, such as under your dashboard on the driver’s side or inside a fusebox. If someone accidentally bumps it, all you have to do is flip that little switchback around, and voila! You’re good to go again.

7. Do Too Many Start Attempts Happen?

If you are having trouble with your remote starter, here’s some helpful advice. If it has been used twice in quick succession and won’t start the vehicle, simply insert a key into the ignition and turn it on/off before exiting the car.

Next, hit lock one time to ensure that there is no interference from inside or outside your vehicle (this will get rid of any electrical impulses), then hold down the power button for at least 2 seconds until lights flash as a confirmation signal. So keep holding! The indicator light should go off once starting process completes successfully!

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