10 Best Remote Start for Ford f150 (for 1997-2020+ Models)

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The best remote start for your Ford F150 depends on what you are looking for. If you want a high-quality, long-range, and affordable option with plenty of features to choose from, then our content on the “Ford F150 (1997 to 2020+) Remote Start Kits” is probably your best bet. You get them available in three different packages – Basic, Pro, and Ultimate so there’s something for everyone!

Investing in a remote start kit allows you to operate your factory option or engine remote. I love moderating the temperature of my Ford with my remote starter kit even before I get into the vehicle. An aftermarket (top-grade) remote starter warms your Ford in minutes before driving to keep the functioning value high.

Here below, I have shown 10 aftermarket remote starts for F150 on specific models such as.

Top 10 Ford F150 Remote Start Kit Reviews

1. Start-X Remote Starter Kit for Ford F-150 11-14

Start-X Remote Starter Kit for Ford F-150 11-14 has all the latest technology to make starting your vehicle quick and easy – click 3x lock, the press lock button on remote starter twice. The kit is wholly plugged ‘n play, provides a professional-grade Start-X Remote Starter that will cut off the engine as well as automatically keep the interior temperature at a comfortable level.

Its unique T-Harness eliminates all wire splicing and ensures your install couldn’t be simpler. With these instructions, you can do it for yourself or go through the Start-X installation video for super easy installation and enjoy the start of vehicle convenience with little effort required!


  • Complete ‘Plug N Play’ remote starter kit
  • COMPATIBILITY – F-150 11-14|
  • Unique T-Harness to eliminate wire splicing
  • Instructions are included
  • Fast installation
  • Professional-grade kit
  • Start with a 3x lock on your factory remote
  • No extra devices required
  • Works great with a gas vehicle, automatic transmission, and key start
  • 5-stars for the company’s fantastic customer service
  • It won’t work with diesel vehicles, manual transmission, and push-to-start vehicles!
  • You need two keys to make this work, or you can’t

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2. KICKY RIDE Plug in Remote Start Kit Compatible with Select 2014-2021 Ford

Plug-in remote starts are a great economical way to start the vehicle, especially in colder climates remotely. All that is needed to use this product is to plug it in and install the relay coil onto the positive terminal of your vehicle’s battery (see picture). There will be no need for wiring! As soon as you turn off your car, it will power down and come back on when prompted by your keyless entry system. The Plug-in Remote Start Kit also includes an easy-access push button located inside or near the driver-side door so that drivers may exit their vehicles immediately after turning them off.

The Kicky Ride Plugin Remote Start Kit is designed for those who find themselves looking for situations where they can warm up their Ford for no honk.


  • 2015-2020 F150 models
  • 5 star rated support staff
  • Designed in USA
  • 1-year warranty
  • Much better than OEM!
  • Installs in less than 5 minutes
  • 100% plug-in remote start
  • All wiring connections
  • This kit connection blew a fuse, a reviewer said

What are you waiting to check this product? It’s an amazing-reviewed product on Amazon.

3. Start-X Remote Starter Ford F-150 2015-2019

The START-X Remote Starter for F-150 2015 – 2019 is the most innovative remote starter on the market. With a cell phone add-on or an optional push-button start, you’ll never have to worry about whether you’re going to stay warm in those freezing Michigan mornings! In addition, a professional-grade one-button engine switch will be installed in your vehicle after purchase that enables customers to start their vehicles remotely even before they roll out of bed.

There’s no need for any extra devices with our Plug N Play system. You can trigger your remote starter by locking and unlocking your door like a standard and pressing lock and unlock again on the buttons of the Start-X Kit. These professionally programmed DRL shutters will keep telling people what degree it is outside.


  • Complete Plug & Play Remote Starter KIT
  • COMPATIBILITY – (F-150 15-19)
  • No wires to cut (Super installation)
  • Instructions are included
  • OEM hood pin required for the remote starter to work
  • Climate control is set to automatic
  • Your truck will control the cool and heat to 72 degrees
  • You can try it for $120 yourself
  • They are highly accurate and detailed
  • It starts on close-open-close, no honk
  • Installable even without reading the directions
  • Free Prime shipping
  • Not compatible with Hybrids
  • It would just honk the horn at you!

We hope that this innovative, revolutionary idea will help make your day-to-day life easier. Check this product on Amazon.

4. ISSYAUTO Remote Start Kit for F150

The install for this remote start kit is simple and can be done by most people. We found the instructions clear and easy to follow, which says a lot about their quality.

After ensuring that we had everything on hand to replace the starter solenoid, all it took was about 25 minutes upfront before installation; plus 10 minutes each time you replace your battery, making it so worth it.

The drivers’ programming for convenience cards is long-term purchasable, so you don’t have to worry about them expiring or updating price schedules because they stay set at what they’re initially programmed for. Plus, your vehicle will arrive with two preprogrammed driver’s card accounts already installed!


  • Fits 2015-2020 F150
  • Takes short times to defog Your Windshield
  • Easy “lock Button” start
  • No extra devices required
  • Instructions Included
  • Plug and Play
  • It doesn’t take longer to warm the car
  • Climate Control: Set to Auto
  • Price is very affordable and cheap
  • The tune of thousands of dollar
  • The horn honks twice when starting

Please check this product on Amazon. You may get it cheap; offers are going on there.

5. Start-X Remote Starter Compatible with Select 2020+ Fords F-150

This kit is the perfect solution to all your winterizing woes and is compatible with all 2020+ Fords. You’ll never have to worry about being cold again or waiting 10 minutes for your windshield to defog in the morning. What more could you ask for? It should be easy enough for anyone to install this Start-X Remote Starter Kit from scratch as there are included instructions, an instructional video that you can watch on YouTube if needed, or any of the qualified dealerships around town could help you out in a heartbeat!

You may have given up on those frigid mornings, but now you can enjoy the warmth of your vehicle without waiting. Get warm and caffeinated on time with a Plug N Play Remote Starter KIT from Start-X. In addition, you can think of an optional CARLINK ASCL6 Cellular Interface so you can start your car from anywhere! Supports select 2020+ Fords F-150.


  • A kit to warm up your vehicle in high freezing mornings
  • Compatible with select 2020’s F-150
  • Easy instructions to follow
  • An OEM hood pin needed to make this kit work
  • The remote setting follows the last setting of Heat/AC
  • Plug & Play
  • Installs in less than 10 minutes
  • Perfect packaging
  • Extra safety, no keys in the ignition
  • The best mods you do to your truck
  • No more running out to start your truck on cold & rainy days
  • Should be sincere with the returned product

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6. MPC Complete Remote Start Kit with Keyless Entry for 1997-2001 Ford Expedition – (2) 4 Button Remotes

With your Expedition in tow, there’s nothing better than feeling prepared for anything that can happen. This remote start kit keeps you safe and warm while you’re on the road with a push of a button. With lots of features to make it easy and convenient, this is one purchase you’ll never regret!

The MPC Complete Remote Start Kit with Keyless Entry for the 1997-2001 Ford Expedition is the perfect way never to be cold and irritated again. The system includes a remote starter, keyless start, install tip sheet, and more! It’s easy to install in your vehicle, so you don’t require any expertise at all. Don’t settle for being frozen; this is your winter survival kit.


  • Includes (2) 4-button 1-way remotes
  • For 1997-2001 Ford Expedition
  • Single key programmable
  • Package includes bypass module and all parts
  • DIY installation with basic knowledge required
  • Best as a Christmas present
  • Starts engine & lock/unlock your doors
  • Operating range from up to 1500 ft away
  • Not for push-to-start vehicles
  • Not for hybrid

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7. MPC Complete Remote Start Kit for 1999-2003 Ford F-150 (With Keyless Entry)

Are you looking for a complete remote starter kit for the 1999-2003 Ford F-150? Thanks to MPC for bringing the enthusiasts a new-designed starter kit that is easy to start on Gas. The remote start kit is equipped with non-encrypted/ PATS1 / PATS2 immobilizer if I see it close. The remote start kit has a “single key programmable” function. The package includes a remote starter and bypass module, which empowers the vehicle’s immobilizer system during remote start. You’ll receive all the necessary hardware required for installation. As per the manufacturer’s data, MPC remote start kit is compatible with automatic transmission vehicles. However, those vehicles that are manufacturered outside of the U.S. are not benefited from this product. The benefit of ‘MPC Complete Remote Start Kit’ is to start your engine & lock/unlock your doors. You can operate the game from up to 1500 ft away. Isn’t it awesome?


  • A kit for 1999-2003 Ford F-150
  • Includes (2) 4-button 1-way remotes
  • Key-to-Start – Gas
  • Installation requires all standard wiring connections
  • Compatible with automatic transmission vehicles only
  • This kit empowers the vehicle’s immobilizer system
  • Programmable minutes & hourly auto-start mode options
  • Remote features can be operated from 1500 ft away
  • MPC’s professional technicians help with installation if needed
  • 24/7 U.S. based technical support
  • It is not plugged and play
  • May not work in vehicles manufactured outside of the U.S.

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8. Compustar CS7900-AS All-in-One 2-Way Remote Start and Alarm Bundle w/ 3000 feet Range

Let’s summarize what my friend John D. says- “As the guard working in prison, I have to deal with the worst of times. My shifts are long and never end well. Thankfully, because all my vehicles are now remote started, I no longer have to wonder what lonely vehicle will start when I drive away from work at 2 am. Compustar CS7900-AS not only gives me peace of mind but saves me money as well.”

A few installation tips: Most jobs require professional installation, which can get expensive, so best make sure your car’s wiring matches before trying something you’re not qualified for! In addition to this security system having outstanding range capabilities, it also includes wireless technology that cuts signal degradation while compensating for obstacles like buildings or one-way streets!


  • All-in-one remote start
  • Includes one 2-way LCD remote
  • Includes 1-way backup remote
  • Automatic Transmissions only
  • Commands up to 3000 feet away
  • Can be operated from thousands of feet of concrete walls
  • Recommended to those looking for a quality remotely start/alarm
  • Cool remote and very satisfying!
  • Looks like an universal kit
  • Great price for what you get
  • You may need the blade adapter to go ahead

Check this product on Amazon. Having remote technology means a lot. You shouldn’t skip it. It has reputation worldwide.

9. MPC Complete Remote Start with Keyless Entry Kit for 2004-2008 Ford F-150

This complete remote starter kit is perfect for your 2004-2008 Ford F-150. Simply install the bypass module, temporarily turning off the vehicle immobilizer system during remote start, and enjoy all of its benefits. It includes a 4 button key fob with a long range that can unlock and lock doors from up to 1,500 feet away.

Your engine and door locks can be controlled wirelessly – turn them on or off from up to 1500 ft away! This kit comes complete with two remotes (4 buttons each), so you have one just in case, as well as all parts necessary for installation. Compatible with automatic transmission vehicles only.


  • Complete remote starter kit for 2004-2008 Ford F-150
  • The kit includes a remote starter and bypass module
  • Perfect for automatic transmission vehicles
  • It comes with firmware preloaded
  • Professional’s installation required
  • Auto-start mode options
  • Run time options
  • Specific instructions
  • Installing a remote start EASY!
  • MPC’s technicians to help 24/7
  • Chris complained to have a faulty replacement unit

Check this product on Amazon. We hope that it will be helpful in your selection process and we would love to hear from you if there is anything else we can do for you!

The product is a very specific one, but it still has many reviews. You can click here to check them out before you buy!

How Do You Install a Remote Start on a Ford f150?

Alright, guys, I recall my experience working on a 2017 f-150 in the shop to install a remote start. You’ll receive an aftermarket remote start for the Ford F150 kit that’s a complete plug-and-play. It takes like 30 seconds to install a remote start on a Ford F150.

You get your seat harness and some module. Then as you can see the remote start button on the key, if there’s no remote start button, you can activate the remote start by hitting a lot button three times.

The next thing you’ll have to do is locating the OBD2 connector and then on the back of it as where this plugs in, so the OBD2 connector is the only position is for you.

A little guy right here called OBD2 connector on the backside of it is where our harness will attach.

It would help if you reached up in here and there’s a clip on the bottom. Can you see? Just unplug it. It’s super easy to take our female, plug it into the male, take our male, and plug it back into the gateway module, and when you do this, some of these are pretty tight to it, so once you get it lined up and inserted give it a perfect snug push.

Take the module! There’s a button on it right next to the white connector push. Hold it insert the blue connector. The lights will come on orange, then you could let go of the button, and it comes on red, and then we turn the ignition on so this one’s a key start. You should run up there, turn it on in just about 5 seconds. It will flash green and blink red a couple of times and go green for three seconds. Turn off like that, and then we’re done.

If it was a push-button start, you reach up to tap it once, let the ignition turn on and let this do its thing, and then like I said, it takes about five seconds or so, and then you’re good.

So now, let’s run the ignition off. I grabbed the remote hit the lock button three times. If you do the same, you’ll see the module power-up. Please give it a few seconds, turn ignition accessory, all that jazz on, and then there you go, promising to use the provided zip ties. There’s lots of stuff up here in a whole bunch of room to zip tie. This thing up out of the way you should never have to reaccess it, so that’s it you can turn it off by hitting a lot button three times or if you hit tap the brake and you don’t have the key in the ignition, it’s going to die, so that’s all there is to it..

And one more thing I’m going to show you guys here is I’m going to go ahead and start this with the key, and on this f150, what we’re going to do is these arrows right here. The okay button, so let me okay out of this. I’m going to show you guys the remote start options, so I’m arrowing to the left. I’m going to go down here to settings, and then we will go to advanced settings. Some vehicles don’t have advanced settings. So you’ll go from settings, and then you go straight to the vehicle, so it’s going to be one of these options, and it’s going to be settings advanced settings vehicle or just settings in vehicle.

Once you select vehicles, you’ll go down here to remote start, and then you have a climate seat duration system.

For a visual experience, please check out this video below

Remote Start for Ford f150 FAQ

How much does it cost to install a remote start on a Ford F150?

The price for a remote start installation will depend on the state in which you reside. Those experts do service nationwide and can offer prices individually based on your location, year of vehicle, and configuration options such as automatic or manual transmission. The cost to purchase the best remote start for Ford F150 ranged from $150 to $200. The installation cost adds $150 on average.

Can you remote start a Ford f150?

Yes. If you have a valid remote start code for your Ford F1 50, you get it started remotely for you via key fob. However, there are three things you must be aware of:

-Do you have a remote start on your vehicle? This is the main thing that makes a Ford car potential to have remote starting capability.

-What year was your truck made in order for us to locate proper wiring diagrams? This will help simplify the installation process.

Otherwise, contact Ford showroom nearby so they may direct you on wiring specifications needed for parts included with any purchase from their site.

How Do I Know if My Ford f150 Has a Remote Start?

That is a question you should direct at Ford Motor Company. Those Ford F150s made before do not have the ability to remote start their vehicles, only newer models. Using a remote start kit, it’s easy to fix remote start in your Ford; We have discussed the best remote start for Ford F150. You get all remote start for 1997-2021 models in this guide. Thanks, us later.

Can factory remote start be installed later?

Factory remote start can be installed later. But it’s not recommended for your car security.

Factory remote starts are installed permanently, and although newer models have a switch inside the cabin to shut off the engine remotely, older models don’t require any special equipment – which means without installation, you will risk driving away on fumes or leaving your vehicle in motion with someone else in control of it. Theft is also possible if an unauthorized person has access to boot up the car before or after closing time.

What does the 2X mean on my Ford key?

Answer: This means your key is a “dual personality” device that can be used with either the original Ford transmitter or with more modern aftermarket remote transmitters. You would just purchase one of each to make it tricky for somebody who steals your car to steal it again. The 2X button also allows you to start your vehicle faster before you get in.


After reviewing the 10 best remote start kits for Ford F150, we made you realize that it’s possible to install a kit in your car even if you don’t have a factory option. Remote starting is one of the easiest ways to get into your vehicle and take off during winter with ease! You can also remotely control engine temperature by turning on the heater before getting inside or use this nifty gadget as an added safety precaution when driving around town.

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