Best 2-Way Remote Starts: (1-Way vs. 2- Way) Comparison

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Do you feel insecure when leaving your car in a parking lot? Do you worry about someone breaking into it and stealing your belongings? Or what if the weather is cold, snowy, or rainy and you need to leave your vehicle running for an extended period. What do you do then? A two-way remote starter can be the solution to all these problems! These systems allow drivers to start their cars before they get there, which saves fuel and keeps them warm during the winter months. With this advanced technology, people don’t have to worry about thieves taking off their property anymore. Remote starters are worth every penny spent on them since they provide comfort and security for drivers and passengers! Get one today by reading our article on the “Best 2-way remote starts.” 

Best 2-Way Remote Starts Comparison in 2021

Compustar 2 Way Remote Start SystemCompustar 2 Way Remote Start System
  • 3000-ft max range
  • Visual and audible confirmation
  • CM900 control module, shock sensor, siren, and LED
Viper 5706V 2-Way Remote Start System

Viper 5706V 2-Way Remote Start System

Rating: No products found.
  • 1 mile range
  • 5-Button LCD, Remote Control Transmitter
  • Door and trunk functionality
Python LCD 2-Way Remote-Start SystemPython LCD 2-Way Remote-Start SystemRating:
  • 0.25-Mile Range
  • 2-way security system with remote start
  • No impact on battery

Best 2-Way Remote Starts; Top Things Are Explained!

1. Compustar cs7900 2 Way Remote Start and Alarm System

The Compustar CS7900-AS All-in-One 2-WAY Remote Start and Alarm Bundle have all you need to remote start and secure your vehicle. Control your vehicle from up to 3000 ft away with 2 Way LCD confirmation. The remote carries a dual design that includes a 1-way backup, shock sensor, siren, an LED, and the ability to work on Automatic transmission only cars. This bundle is excellent for those seeking simpler remotes or are looking for a starter kit that also serves as a car alarm system! So is this what you were looking for all along?


  • A quality (all-in-one) remotely start/alarm
  • One 2-way LCD remote + One 1-way backup remote
  • Includes shock sensor, siren, & LED
  • Works on Automatic Transmissions
  • Professional installation required
  • Send commands from up to 3000 feet away
  • The KEY button starts the engine to heat up or cool down if hold for a 2.5 second
  • Lock & Unlock buttons to alarm and disarm the security system
  • Lock & Unlock buttons to turn your vehicle’s doors
  • Great price for what you get
  • Instructions not included
  • Wiring diagram not included
  • Some vehicles need extra parts

If you’re looking for a Compustar CS7900-AS to read, please go on Amazon, then check the reviews out before buying it so you know if it will be worth reading or not!

2. Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Security with Remote Start System

Whether it’s a sudden rain shower, a long workday commute, or not wanting to get out of the warmth and comfort of your car on an icy winter day, we know there are many reasons you might like to be able to get into your vehicle remotely. Simply press one button on the remote control transmitter, and your car starts for you!

The way security + base offers maximum protection in any environment with its 2-way signal that scrambles RF signal from wireless keyless entry transmitters up to 1-mile range. This not only protects you while driving but lets you trigger door and truck right back into life without a huge learning curve when returning home after being away for hours. You can’t go wrong with this combination!


  • Remote Start System
  • 5-Button LCD + Sidekick Remote Control Transmitter
  • Responder LC3 helps command and monitor your vehicle
  • 1-mile range
  • Triggers Door and trunk like super security system
  • It is the best 2-way and the slimmest display remote on the market
  • Liquid-crystal display
  • Responder LC3 notifies you if anything wrong with your vehicle
  • Keeps in Range
  • Amazing battery life
  • Vicky complained that the company takes no responsibility for the bad product; no refund!

You’re requested to check this product on Amazon. You might want to check the Amazon reviews before you buy that Viper 5706V.

3. Python 0.25-Mile range LCD 2-Way Security & Remote-Start System

The Python 5305P Security System is the foremost system on the market to feature two-way communications. You can signal back and forth from your remote or the LCD panel. Plus, with a 1/4 mile range, there’s no need to worry about security issues.

The DoubleGuard Shock Sensor will ensure that intruders don’t get too close to threatening you as well as being out of sight because it sets off an audible alarm when prompted by vibration sensing technology, so if anyone comes inside, at least they’ll hear you coming for the first! The buzzer also functions as a knock sensor, so not even someone banging on your door won’t escape detection–they’ll trigger a warning tone before getting through all these layers of security just in case!


  • Stinger shock sensor
  • 6-tone siren + 3 aux channels
  • 1/4 mile Range
  • The remote features both security and remote-start functions
  • Commands given for all-in-all functions
  • Well made
  • All-in-all remote start system
  • A longer harness is all it needs for the on: off switch
  • No need to double back to warm up your vehicle on winter mornings or rainy days
  • No impact on battery
  • Ashley C said she didn’t get her doors to lock/unlock quite frequently

What time is it? You know you can’t call at work, so you’ll have to check on Amazon

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4. Compustar 3000-FT Range 2-Way Remote Start and Keyless Entry System

Winter is just around the corner, and your car is not ready yet. Leave the hassle of dealing with cold mornings, snow-covered roads, and frozen locks behind! With this remote start kit from Compustar, you’ll be all warmed up before you even leave your driveway. Stay warm in those blizzard conditions without ever having to go into subzero temperatures yourself – never worry about forgetting an umbrella or chunks of ice falling off a tree onto your windshield again! Plus, it comes with an easy installation guide, so don’t let that struggle stop you from making a purchase today.


  • All-in-one remote start
  • The 2-way remote system involves Lock, Unlock, Trunk Release, & Remote Start/Stop buttons
  • CM900 control module
  • Supports Automatic Transmission only
  • Professional Installation is Suggested
  • 1 X Two-Way + 1 x One-Way
  • Up to 3000 feet of range
  • lifetime warranty coverage
  • The instruction tells what every wire is for
  • Setup can be done with a bit of common sense
  • Their customer service is terrible, RC said on Amazon
  • He also added that there’s a misprint in the manual

Do you want to see what is happening with Amazon? Please check if there are any new features or products that they’re showcasing.

5. Prestige 1-Mile Range 2-Way LCD Confirming Remote Start & Alarm

This is a unique remote start and alarm system with enough bells and whistles to provide all the security features, 2-way communication, and convenience that your car needs. Get the Prestige APS997Z today!

This product has been completely redesigned to give you a richer and more luxurious feel. Ideal for those with high demands, it offers the convenience of cold start mode by adding an extra level of security. Live in upstate New York? The built-in LED light will now be able to help you see the remote clearly while still having 24-hour start mode!


  • Five Button 2-Way LCD Confirming Transmitter
  • Five Button 1-Way Transmitter
  • Glass Mount Antenna with Built-in LED Light
  • Automatic Arming + Automatic Locking
  • Multi-Tone Mini Siren
  • An official remote start system
  • 20 minutes of reprogramming the system
  • Range is great
  • Easy to start your car from your room if you want
  • Ultimate bang for your buck
  • I felt bled under the screen display

Did you know Amazon has new releases? Check out the “Prestige APS997Z” on Amazon often for deals and coupons!

2-Way Remote Start vs. 1-Way

What Is a 1-Way Remote Start?

When you want to start your car from afar, all you need is a remote key fob and the right frequency. 1-way systems work just like factory-installed keyless entry systems with one big difference: they are cheaper than 2-way systems! You push buttons on your remote control that goes out over radio waves where any receiver can pick it up within the operating range of the transmitter. The vehicle will only receive messages as long as the device has a sight line or obstacles interfere, such as trees, hillsides, etc.

What Is 2 Way Remote Start?

The primary advantage of two-way systems knows for sure that your vehicle has performed the desired request. It’s called a two-way system because the remote control communicates with the vehicle and just as quickly, so does it back to you! Once started, 5 – 10 seconds later, this modern marvel will notify you both by flashing lights inside your car AND on its screen telling you, “I’ve warmed up my baby!”

Learn More About 2-Way Remote Start vs. 1-Way Please Watch The Youtube Video

Compustar VS Viper Remote Start

Compustar is a little more difficult to program than Viper, but it has the advantage of not worrying about range. The remote aesthetics are also very pleasing, with four buttons and an intuitive button layout that you can customize if needed in the future.

I tested both, and they are equally well built/reliable. People love the Compustar just because of the datalink blade + modular setup they have. You can change to any remote in future remotes. Here are a few things to consider – with regards to aesthetics, some people prefer simple two-button setups while others enjoy four buttons which include trunk release as an option on Compustars; also, the range is 3000 from either device, but DIY installation requires more effort than Viper due programming changes.

Remote cosmetics: As we consider art as a beautiful thing in the beholder’s eye, depending on the quality is concerned, I think as far as remote looks, I like the Viper. The 4 button from Compustar is good because it has the trunk release option.

Range: Both Compustar & Viper have 3000Ft of open range.

Installation: I will rate the installation difficulty as Viper 7/10 Compustar 8/10.

Remote warranty: Viper 1 year, Compustar 1 year on Prime & 2 years on Pro.

Costs: Viper is available on E-bay, Amazon, etc. & comes with more competition higher prices. Compustar is quite affordable & strict with their sales, so they come a hand full of online vendors sell them.


How Much is a 2 Way Remote Starter?

The price of a 2 way remote starter usually ranges from about $150 – $250.

Remote starters allow one to control the interior temperatures of their car before they leave work or home, for instance. A remote starter allows you to start your car remotely with the push of a button, usually from 80 feet-3000 feet away, depending on the model and brand. This means that many people don’t have to sit and wait in a cold car until it’s warm enough inside before starting their day, driving in severe winter weather where they can put heated footwear on, etc. In addition, remote starters are an easy way to get more use out of one’s vehicle since there is less fear involved when driving during extreme conditions like snow, rain, or just bright conditions.

What is a 2-Way Paging Remote Start?

“2-way paging remote start” is a term that describes the ability to remotely start and stop your car’s engine by way of a mobile device or an application on the phone.

Beyond saving you time from having to circle the parking lot for hours looking for your car, many 2-way paging remotes also allow you to know where your vehicle is in real-time while you are away. This technology also makes it possible for younger drivers (or parents) with teenagers who can’t be trusted to drive around without texting first, so they can pull up directions right there on their phones and never have to track their kids down themselves.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Remote Starter?

Remote starters are a great way to save fuel and get on the road faster in the morning. You can install one yourself, but these are a little complicated for most people, so it’s best to consult a professional. Most remote starters in 2020 cost between $200 and $400 installed, and they typically have an installation fee as well.

Check out our article covering remote starter installation costs With Self Installation Tips to learn more.

Do Remote Car Starters Work Through Walls?

You know what they say about walls- they’re not real!

Actually, remote car starters do work through walls. The trick is to use a strong enough signal. In fact, most people unintentionally have remote starters they never knew existed…namely their garage door openers. Almost all of these operate on one of two frequencies- 315 MHz or 390 MHz. Usually, your wireless keyless entry operates on the 315 MHz frequency, and you can set up your remote starter to mimic that signal so it doesn’t interfere with the security of your vehicle when you approach it in front of 1 solid barrier after another at home, work and everywhere in between!

is a Remote Start Worth It?

Remote starters are worth it because they provide convenience for the driver and eliminate personal safety hazards for yourself and others. The remote starter cuts down on wear-and-tear by letting you warm up your vehicle’s engine before getting in, which is especially beneficial during the cold winter months. Remote starters also help parents get their kids into a car seat or other safety device without dealing with an unlocked door handle or having their hands full. But what about safety? In some cases, remote starters can increase your safety while driving because you don’t have to hitch open windows, unlatch doors or mess with windows that may be frozen shut.

Final Thoughts

As the cold weather approaches, it’s not uncommon to see people scurrying around town looking for their remote car start. We’re here with a guide on some of the “best 2-way remote starts” that will lock you warm while waiting outside in all types of climates! Remember: we have discussed why these are different from regular keyless entry systems and how they work. As always – happy hunting & may your engine never be too far away but yet still within reach at any time this winter season! Thanks for reading.

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